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    Koki's Message 2013/12/31


    2013 was a terribly shocking year.
    I started using Twitter.
    I could connect with all of you and being suported by all of you.
    many things I’ve already learnt.
    Next year I will try my best to make a place where I can meet all of you, little by little I want to keep moving forward.
    Please take…

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    @disconnected-child "Once you get this, you must share 5 random facts about yourself and send this to your 10 favorite followers! :D"

    1. I have a birthmark on my foot with lots of moles inside it (and nobody can say that isn’t a random fact about myself)

    2. I don’t tell everything to my friends. There are things I haven’t told anybody, ever.

    3. My sister is in fact my half sister :o

    4. I’m obsessed with hands and ears, if a person has beautiful hands or ears I can’t help but stare at them for hours. I’m so creepy I even creep myself out.

    5. I remember birthdays of people I went to kindergarten with, but sometimes I forget to brush my teeth,

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    ;____; ♥

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    Q: Who’s often late?

    Members: Nakamaru

    A: Nakamaru’s late five times a week. 

    Ko: More than that.

    Why can’t you be punctual?

    N: I feel unease. 

    A: His excuses can be either the train broke down or he overslept…

    N: Today, for real, the tires exploded. Really!

    A: He’s damn smart. He only reached five minutes before time’s up.

    Q: Who’s two-faced?

    Members: Taguchi. Taguchi: Akanishi

    Ko: For example, in front of Kamenashi, he’ll address him as “Kamenashi-kun”. Behind his back, he calls him “That dude, Kamenashi”

    K: That’s what I heard too.

    That’s not good.

    K: Precisely!

    T: Okay, let’s settle it all for once. Next time, I’ll call him “Kazuya-kun”.

    A: Wth you talkin’ about?!

    Q: Who’s the cry baby?

    Ko: Kame KAUN: Ueda T: Taguchi

    Ko: When I went to watch movie with Kame, I tried to hold my tears back. When I looked beside, he was bawling his eyes out, that was so ugly.

    A: Ueda cried during the concert. Kame and I were weeping and Ueda, he was crying so loudly. It’s horrible.

    U: HAHA. I was thinking to myself that I shouldn’t cry but I couldn’t help it.

    Q: Who’s the real leader in KAT-TUN?

    KA: Ueda Ko: Koki TUN: Kame

    K: We were deciding the leader before going to Thailand and Ueda excitedly raised his hand and said he wanted the position.

    N: Nobody could stop him. But, tbh, Kame did most of the closings.

    Ko: You’re asking for the real leader, right?

    N: What have you done? Be more responsible.

    Ko: KAT-TUN is under my absolute control.

    All: HAHAHA

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    why don’t police use akinator to solve crimes that fucker knows everyone

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    VOCE 12-2013

    Pape *baba*

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“That won’t happen to that bastard.”

    That won’t happen to that bastard.

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    Don’t worry I’ll escort myself out of the fandom.

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    I don’t even care that Akura-Ou is a psychopath he’s fucking adorable in the past








    Exactly. How can anyone not love him? ♥

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    Kamisama Hajimemashita - Characters

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